You can achieve success in commercial real estate by creating amazing value with clients, colleagues and communities across the globe.

SVN International Corp. has 200+ franchise offices throughout North America, Europe, and Asia specializing in commercial real estate brokerage (sales and leasing). SVN is a brand known for being inclusive and building trust within the industry through our open and transparent sales process. We are the industry’s leader in collaboration and our culture gives every Advisor the opportunity to succeed on his or her own while also being part of a larger team that works, plays and wins together.

Commercial real estate is a $158 billion global industry that encompasses development, appraisal, financing, sales, leasing, and management. It is an industry that can be financially rewarding for those who are self-motivated and focused. It is also a profession that has an enormous impact on our local communities.


We are hiring for the following careers below:

SVN | 360 Commercial Advisor

Commercial Real Estate Advisors/Licensed Assistants

Four Essential Qualities of a Highly Successful Commercial Real Estate Advisor

SVN is an International Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Firm founded in Irvine, California in 1987. With 200 locations serving over 500 markets, SVN provides sales, leasing, corporate services and property management services to clients across the globe.  Its growing international presence is powered by a best of class platform that has propelled it to the #6 CRE brand according to the annual Lipsey Top Brand Survey.

SVN | 360 Commercial is seeking to grow a diverse team of Advisors with both new recruits and seasoned veterans who are tenacious self-starters, self-motivated to succeed, and able to build and maintain relationships.

SVN Provides:

  • International Brand Leverage, with hundreds of offices across a growing list of countries around the world, SVN continues to expand its global presence with its innovative business model.
  • Unparalleled training, mentoring, and practice optimization support through it’s Systems for GrowthTM (S4G) training program.
  • Advanced marketing and technology platform, maximizing speed to market and reach for our Advisors, and creating amazing value for our clients.
  • A unique, collaborative culture centred around a set of Core Covenants, forming the SVN Shared Value Network, and ecosystem of openness, inclusivity, and innovation.
  • A ground-floor opportunity to participate in building and growing a unique value proposition for clients in our market.

Candidates Should Possess:

  • The character to put client’s needs first, and the conviction to hold to that mindset.
  • A commitment to learn and continually improve on knowledge and skill, and accept candid feedback to speed the process.
  • The intensity and tenacity to build a book of business using every component of the tools and systems provided to you.
  • The desire to maximize earnings based on hard work and consistency.
  • The ability to communicate, analyze & deliver

Qualified candidates will receive training, support and mentorship. Compensation is solely based on commission where the candidate is only limited by his/her desire to learn and earn.

SVN maintains a professional workplace. Appropriate attire and demeanor are required.

If you would like to become part of growing a winning team, please contact us.



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